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ountry of origin

All Piantinos are originating from the Piemonte, Italy. Here is a map of the region Ivrea - Biella, where the towns surrounded by ellipses are the places of origin of the Piantinos, and the towns enclosed in rectangles are places where Piantinos are still living. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size map (about 240 kB), then use your Web browser's Back button to return to this page.

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According to the historian Aldo Ganio Ottavio, who wrote the following book (out of print):

"Chiaverano e Bienca, biografia di due comuni della Serra"

the surname "Piantino" first appears between the 11th and the 14th century. The latin name is "De Piantinis" or "De Plantinis". In the Middle Ages, in this part of Piemonte, the family names were derived from plants or trees, for example:


albero (tree) gave the name Arbore,


branca (branch) gave the name Branchello,


frasca (branch, boughs) gave the name Fraschetto,


pianta (plant) gave the name Piantino.

he coat of arms of the Piantinos  

This is what might be the coat of arms of the Piantino family. 

It is extracted from a book first published for the 50th anniversary of the dell’Associazione Archivistico-Genealogica fra i Nobili Milanesi e Lombardi, which falls in May 2000, the Stemmario Trivulziano, dating back to the second half of the XIV century, and is probably a work of Gian Antonio da Tradate.
The Stemmario Trivulziano, kept in the Biblioteca Trivulziana del Comune di Milano, contains about 2000 coats-of-arms belonging to families and communities of the ancient Ducato di Milano, from the period in which the duchy reached its greatest territorial extension.
The coat of arms is labeled da Pioltino e Piantino. According to my searches, there is nobody having the name Pioltino, but this is the name of a mas,(cascina) in the south of Milano. This might let us suppose that some Piantino lived there in the past.
The description of the coat of arms in the heraldic language is the following:

"Di rosso, al'ulivo sradicato di verde, fruttifero di nero,il tronco accostato dalle lettere P, Y gotiche e maiuscole d'argento. Stemma monogrammatico"

he Piantinos throughout the World

The following graph shows the relative distribution, expressed in %, of the Piantinos in the different countries. The total population can be estimated to about 1000 people.